About Us

Dead Souls is an independent streetwear clothing label from
Vienna, Austria which was launched in mid-2010.

Highly skilled local graphic artists and myself create the
design/cuts, that makes the company stand out from the masses.

It is very important to me that each garment has its own
charm and character. We do not use finished blanks, everything
is Cut & Sew.

This is the best way to provide you a high quality garment!

The attention to detail and the passion for an unique style
can also be clearly seen in our products.

Every hand movement is well-considered.

- Kevin Nowak

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Credits Summer

Video: Stephan Grohs, Valentin Kouba
Photo: Fabian Orner, Kevin Nowak
Sewing Assistance: Sabrina Satzinger
Models: Kathi "Kaka" Koustrubina, Heinrich "Toni" Benedikt